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We take a holistic approach to housekeeping and organization. Our goal is to make everyday tasks as simple as possible so that you can devote more energy and time into doing what you love. Neat Peach offers a range of services to fit your specific needs including; decluttering, sorting, organization, routine cleaning, deep cleaning, shopping, donation drop off, and more.

Neat Peach serves Edwardsville IL,  St. Louis MO, and surrounding areas including Metro East and Madison County.

Ready to hire a professional? I'm Kelsey, owner of Neat Peach, expert organizer, productivity coach, and your personal solutionist for all day to day problems. I want to help guide you to a simpler life beyond the clutter and chaos, so let's chat!

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Consultation Call

This 15-30 minute phone consultation is perfect to decide if Neat Peach is right for you.

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Virtual Coaching

IF you are located outside our service area or if you prefer to do the hands-on work yourself. Neat Peach can provide guidance, product recommendations, and body doubling for those with A.D.H.D.

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For current and past clients.

For more information about Neat Peach services and pricing check out the rest of the website 

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