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Frequently Asked Questions

"How long does a __________ usually take to organize?"

We understand potential clients are eager to get to the numbers. "How long will getting organized take, and how much is it going to cost?"
It is truly impossible to accurately answer that question without first seeing your space and having a conversation with you. Every client's home, clutter tolerance, and definition of completely organized is as unique as they are. Organizing a kitchen of any size can range from two hours to two days. It depends on the size of the space and the amount of items there are to sort through.

Getting your home in order can be a one time event when done right. Even when done in a hurry, transforming a messy space into a clean and organized zone frankly, just takes as long as it takes. Sometimes even longer; when trying to get it done the proper way.

Neat Peach prices our services by the hour and we offer a range of service levels. This allows us to work with any budget.

If I don't have the time to organize will Neat Peach do all the work?

Yes! For some clients who simply don't have the time to spare, Neat Peach can do everything for you. We often work in our clients' homes while they are away at work. We have even transformed homes while the family goes away on vacation!

Do I need to purchase storage containers before you arrive?

No, please do not buy anything before we begin. It is important to first take inventory of what you already own, and possibly declutter before bringing more items into your space.

My whole house needs organized. Where do we start?

Neat Peach offers a unique and effective method to get your entire home (and life) organized. We will help you determine where to start if you are unsure. Typically we begin in an area that triggers the most stress or the area that is most critical to your family or business functioning.

Are you going to make me throw everything away?

No way! Neat Peach obviously cannot force you to discard anything, but will encourage you to think critically about all the items in your home to decide whether or not something deserves a permanent spot in your space. The goal is to help you find and keep the important stuff, and let the rest go in the most eco-friendly way. I will be there to cheer you on as you let things go that no longer have a purpose or bring you joy.

Can my kids or pets be home while we organize?

Sure, but keep in mind that if time is limited, it may be best to be fully present and with little distraction for the session. However, if we are working with childrens' things then we encourage them to participate in the process. Organization, tidying, and understanding how to take care of our belongings is a crucial skill that is best learned at an early age.

Will I need to buy a bunch of organizing products?

Not necessarily, in most cases we will offer solutions for your space with the organizational products you already own.

Is hiring a professional organizer worth the money?

Living in chaos can be expensive. When your home is cluttered your mind is also blocked. This can lead to hours of wasted time searching for items you own but cannot find, or overspending on items you collect unnecessary duplicates of. Important dates and deadlines might get missed. How many times have you missed paying a bill on time due to clutter and disorganization? Investing the time and money now working with the right professional will pay off big in the future.

How do I get started?

Book your New Client Discovery Call!

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